Eliminate contingencies & create sales now!
Using the No Payment Loan.

Scenario: Sell more second homes – Strategy #4

Before reading this strategy, we encourage you to click here and look at strategy #1.  It is the foundation for all of our strategies.


Your client has a home up north which is free & clear worth: $500k. They get an NPL (on this home) and net $150k cash. They use the $150k to buy a 2nd home in Florida. Since this is a cash transaction (the Fl. home) and since there are no mortgage payments on either home due to NPL financing, your clients have less pressure and makes it easier for them to act without any contingencies. They now have two homes and NO payments. I’ll bet they didn’t know they could do this, but you did.

Your knowledge made this transaction possible and easier. Understanding this program is the key. I offer one-on-one free training to my realtor partners. Contact me anytime, 7 days a week @ 941-301-8750 or TomRussoMortgage@gmail.com

Not sure what all this means?  Start here with our base strategy and it will all become crystal clear.




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