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Scenario: The Down size – Strategy #2

Here’s how this works: You call the prospect and say something like this…..” Hi Bill I know it’s just you and Sue at this point in that big house. I have some unique opportunities regarding housing.  Do you mind if I ask you a few questions”?

Question 1) About what do you owe on the home? This is the most important question. Why?  Well, the rest of the script will follow it. Lets say, Bill says I owe about $100k and you know his home would sell for about $325k. You’d say: Bill, if I could show you and Sue a home that better suits your needs, eliminates all future mortgage payments and nets you about $100k to put away in your bank, would you be open to meeting with me?

Naturally, Bill is going to be curious. Here is where you knowledge of this program is KEY. The math is simple. $325k-$100k owed less $25k in closing nets him about $200k.You’ll only use $100k and strategy #1 to purchase him the new home leaving him $100k in the bank and meeting his need or want for another home. Still confused? Read the example below and call me. This example nets you about $500k in RE sales. This unique buying and selling proposition allows for your new found commission of about $15k.  Read more below!

Actual Example:

A senior’s home is too big. They want to down size and would benefit from some extra cash too. Here’s how YOU can help.

Sell their current home valued at $325k. Assume they net $200k.
Find them a new home for $200k that is smaller and meets their needs.
Use $100k cash from the sale and $100k NPL = a $200k home.

You’ve sold 2 homes ($525k). They have no mortgage payments since you showed them the NPL option, they also have about $100k of liquid cash left over. You’ve exceeded their expectations with your knowledge!  This is great for referrals. 

It’s important you understand this program to generate these sales in a smooth and seamless fashion. I offer free, one-on-one internet sessions to fully explain all of this to you. My goal is to become your valued partner and help your sales explode. Contact me 7 days a week @ 941-479-9838 or

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