The senior income model – using the no payment loan (NPL)
Strategy # 4


Help your senior client earn income,while increasing your sales, here’s how.

A Senior has $300k and can pay cash for a home. By using only $150k of that cash +150k NPL, they still have $150k to invest in an income producing property.This extra income might be just what they need as they age.

Now, you’ve sold $450k of real estate vs. only $300k.  More importantly, you’ve helped your client do something that will provide income for years to come.  This is great for them and great for you as their trusted RE professional.

Knowing what your client’s wants/needs are is what makes this possible.

Ask questions and find out what’s important to your clients. Younger seniors may be very inclined to do this, but they don’t know it’s an option. Offering this option might just net you a second sale and more referrals.

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