The Educated Realtor Wins

This video series will teach realtors how to maximize their income, through simple strategies that nobody is really teaching. Each video thumb nail (cover) defines the content. Enjoy and contact me with questions.  941-479-9838

Note: I use round figures and ball park estimates for training. I will provide you or your client with a very accurate figure when you contact me. I use a 50% loan to value in my teaching for simplicity.  Each customer’s scenario may be slightly different and each client must qualify for the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (aka  “The No Payment Mortgage”).  

Note: Under the “needs have changed scenario”, it could cover any number of needs or wants a senior has.  In our example I discuss a two-story vs. one story home but the senior might want a home on the water, might want a home with a mother-daughter set up so the daughter can care for them. They may want a larger home to accommodate family.  If you ask the senior what would increase their quality of life, you might just find a solution and sell more real estate with the HECM for purchase.



More benefits to YOUR buyers:

Get more house, more choices and NO mortgage payments as long as they own the home.

Keep any equity you have at the time of sale less normal closing costs.

Sell the home when ever you wish with no pre-payment penalties.

Live in the home for as long as you wish.

Stay on title, its YOUR home, not the banks.

FHA insurance protects you and your heirs against any shortfalls
at the time of sale.

No deficiency judgments exist – This is a non-recourse loan.

A happy buyer, is one who will REFER more deals to you!

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