How to sell more expensive homes with the No Payment Loan (NPL)

Scenario: The Problem Solver – Strategy #3

Example – how to earn about $20k in the next 60 days.

Some senior’s don’t want to downsize, they want/need something different. It could be the home of their dreams or simply a one story home as they age. Armed with the knowledge on this website, you can now meet their needs or solve their problem and make a great commission at the same time.  Like ALL strategies, we want to create a win-win scenario for you and your clients.  Win-win scenarios ensure referrals.


Your client’s current home is worth $300k. You list and sell it and they net $200k. You use $200k,and the NPL for another $200k for a new home of 400k. You’ve sold $700k worth of real estate and they have a great new home and NO mortgage payments due to the NPL program.

Here’s a point you may have missed….  If your client nets $200k, that means they had a mortgage on their current home right?  So, in this example you are eliminating their mortgage payment on their current home and placing them in a home of their dreams wtithout a mortgage payment. There are two distinct benefits to get your client to act !  

However, you must understand the program as your clients will not understand how they can accomplish all of this. If you can’t either overcome their objections with knowledge or get them to speak with me, you and your client lose! I want to be your valued partner, so call me anytime @ 941-479-9838 and I’ll help close more deals and sell bigger tickets.


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