Double your commissions with the H4P

(HECM for Purchase) 

Scenario: The Cash Buyer- Strategy #1

The No Payment Loan (NPL) aka Home Equity Conversion Mortgage or (HECM) allows seniors approximately double the purchasing power with no mortgage payments on their primary homes. This means more choices for them and potentially a much bigger sale for you. It’s very simple too !


A Senior has $100k cash but wants something $100k can’t realistically buy. (Sound familiar?)
You show them a home for $203k that is everything they want & more. They want the home, but don’t want a mortgage payment as most seniors pay cash for that very reason. However, you have the solution and can now exceed your clients expectations and double your commission.

Here is the math:

They provide a down payment of $100k, plus the NPL for $103k, yielding them a $203k home. Since they financed with the NPL, there are NO mortgage payments for as long as they live in the home. Most seniors don’t want a mortgage payment which is why this strategy is so appealing. More house, no payments.

The senior is happy as their $100k budget just bought them a $203k home which is more than they ever thought possible. You’ve shown them something they never dreamed they could do. Your knowledge made this possible.

It’s important that you understand this program to generate these sales in a smooth and seamless fashion. I offer free one-on-one internet sessions to fully explain all of this to you. My goal is to become your valued partner and help your sales explode. 

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